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'Ed Block Courage Awards' Recap

The Ed Block Courage Awards were held last night at Martin's West in Baltimore, Maryland. The event honors representatives from all 32 NFL teams, with one guy being chosen by a vote of their teammates to honor one player who has overcome adversity in his life, be it on or off the playing field. The Baltimore Ravens representative was WR Donte Stallworth, who overcame the death of a man he hit with his car that resulted n a one-year suspension and permanent loss of his driver's license. Stallworth was unable to attend the event due to illness and CB Josh Wilson accepted the award in his honor.

Ironically, just about 40 miles down the road, the NFL owners and players union were sitting with a federal mediator to try to avert a lockout and delay to the 2011 season.

The event went off without the fanfare of the 2010 version, as the Philadelphia Eagles representative last year was QB Michael Vick, who was reinstated to play the previous year, which drew hoards of protesters voicing their displeasure towards honoring a man who had just served time for killing dogs through his involvement in illegal dog-fighting contests.

Congratulations to Donte and all the other 31 NFL team representatives and thanks to all who took part or contributed to an event that honors the legacy of the long-time trainer of the Baltimore Colts, Ed Block.