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Marc Bulger Might Start in 2011

Chill out, Baltimore Ravens fans. QB Joe Flacco is not sitting on the Ravens bench anytime soon. It appears that Marc Bulger, Flacco's backup during the 2010 season may be a hot commodity in free agency once the Collective Bargaining Agreement is negotiated and the run on available players begins. Bulger did not take a snap in his reserve roll, but according to NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora, he looked excellent in the Ravens Training Camp and practices throughout his one-year tenure here in Baltimore.

With no definite standout in this year's QB draft class, Bulger could be a solid option to sign and start for a team who wants to groom a young QB behind him. He could keep that team competitive and mentor the kid until he can hand off the reins and resume his backup role.

Bulger made over $3 million just to be an insurance policy for Flacco and while more than a few fans clamored for him to be inserted as a starter, Flacco's job was never in jeopardy and never should have been. Regardless of some of the issues that have been debated over Flacco's performance, Joe is only going to get better, while Bulger's best days are well in his rear view mirror.

While re-signing Bulger would be a good move for the Ravens, he might price himself out of that position and the Ravens could find a suitable backup for Flacco, either through free agency or in April's NFL Draft.