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The Honey Badger is the 'Ray Lewis' of the Animal Kingdom

After reading the title of this story, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the question, "What the heck is a Honey Badger?" After you check out the fascinating video above, you will begin to understand the analogy. The Honey Badger, also known as the Ratel, might be the toughest animal in the kingdom, pound-for-pound, just like Ray Lewis is often discussed as the toughest guy in football.

Check out how it not only ignores the thousands of bees in his pursuit for honey, but survives the poisonous venom of the deadly snake, the Puff Adder. Size, type and danger just does not deter this amazingly vicious animal, just like no one intimidates Ray Lewis, regardless of their size, speed or reputation on the football field.

Check out the tale of the tape between Ray and the Honey Badger by clicking on the link to the story by Phil Raintree of the site, Whisky and Car Keys. At the bottom of Lewis' stats, check out the YouTube video of him miked up and some of the more memorable hits in his great NFL career.