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Ravens' Zbikowski Dares Ocho Cinco To Step In Boxing Ring

In a war of words, I'd never bet against the Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ocho Cinco. However, he might have crossed the line and the only way out of this one might be to chicken out or receive a solid beating at the hands, or gloves of Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski.

Zbikowski laid down the dare to Ocho Cinco to step into the boxing ring and put his mouth where his....mouth is. Number 85 replied that he was too fast for Tommy and it wouldn't be competitive. Zbi not only said he would let Chad get a taste of the ring for 45 seconds and then make him taste what a jab feels like. Next, he 'tweeted' a serious offer for Ocho Cinco to box him for charity, saying he and his promoter, Top Rank Boxing, would gladly set it up in May with more than enough time to heal for Training Camp.

Zbikowski is fighting this Saturday night in Las Vegas on the undercard of the Miguel Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga match. This will be Tom's 2nd professional fight, although he has fought 90 times as a Golden Gloves amateur.

Count me in as a definite if this fight ever comes to pass, as it could open the doors of so many interesting "fantasy" boxing matches to settle on the field differences off the field and in the boxing ring. What other matches would you like to see between opposing NFL players?

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