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Ravens Not Likely To Retain McGahee

As previously mentioned, it appears that the Baltimore Ravens will not be retaining RB Willis McGahee for the 2011 season. McGahee is due to receive $6 million next year as part of his six year deal he signed when he was traded here from the Buffalo Bills. At that high number,there is little reason for the team to pay such big bucks to a guy with 100 carries last season (380 yards, 5 TDs).

In 2009, Willis had only a few more carries (109), yet he finished among the league leaders with 12 touchdowns, but this past season seemed to be an afterthought in the Ravens offense. It appears unlikely that the team will be able to release and then re-sign him, and at the high salary he is due, the most likely scenario is that the team will eventually release him, making McGahee a free agent able to sign with any team he wants to.

Thanks for four solid years, Willis and good luck wherever you end up, as long as you don't play well against the Ravens! See the related story on the National Football Post.