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Jets Taking Hard Line On Coaches Pay If Lockout

The New York Jets are poised to make it real tough on their coaching staff if the NFL owners and players cannot come to a meeting of the minds on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. New York has reportedly said they would slash their coaching staff's salaries as much as 25%, which surely would put many, if not most of them in a very difficult financial position. The NFL Coaches Association is having a problem with this recent announcement.

According to the story in the National Football Post, less than ten teams have said they will cut salaries in the event of a lockout. The Baltimore Ravens have previously announced that not only will they not cut salaries, they have no plans to lay off any of the team's staff at their Owings Mills, Maryland headquarters. That's a sign of the type of class organization headed up by owner Steve Bisciotti.

For some reason, not only are the Jets doing this, but letting the "cat out of the bag" about this can only earn the team negative publicity in the fans' eyes.