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Union Agreeable To 7-10 Day Extension?


Apparently, someone broke the "Code of Silence" in negotiations between the NFL Player's Association and team owners late last night. It looks like their mediator has been able to persuade the NFLPA to agree to a longer extension of 7-10 days in order to commit to getting a new Collective Bargaining Agreement done. This breach of the so-called "gag" order that both sides have self-imposed on themselves obviously puts the owners in a bad position if they were hesitant to agree to such an extension. If they do not agree, it gives the impression that while the players were willing to stay in negotiations, the owners were not and that might swing the majority of fans from one side to the other. Of course, most fans seem to be on neither side by looking at the recent poll here on Baltimore Beatdown, as there is still a third side in this battle - the fans' side. See more of this story on