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ESPN SportsNation Votes Ray Lewis' Hit #1

ESPN SportsNation's poll for the best NFL hit in 2010 goes to the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis, for his crushing blow on the New York Jets' Dustin Keller in the Ravens 10-9 season opening victory in the New Meadowlands. The Jets were down 10-9 in the waning moments of the game when Jets QB Mark Sanchez tried to find Keller over the middle. The ball glanced off of Keller's hands, as he was probably already expecting to get nailed. However, Ray read Sanchez' eyes and zeroed in on Keller long before the ball got to him.

As soon as the ball hit his hands, Lewis put his shoulder into Keller's chest, stopping him in his tracks and laying him out flat to help preserve the victory. No penalty was called for what was obviously a legal hit, and shortly thereafter, Keller inexplicably stepped out of bounds on fourth down with a yard more to go. Perhaps he was still hurting from that crushing hit and wanted no more damage to his body, much less his ego.

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