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Players To Receive 'Lockout Payments' In April

According to a related story in the National Football Post, players who have been with their team for the entirety of the past two season will receive up to $60,000 in payments from the NFLPA. Payments will be made in six increments, beginning April 15th. The story still leaves the unanswered question of how the exact amount is figured and who gets or who does not get the payments and why.

I'm sure the NFLPA has this all figured out, as they knew well in advance of the end of the CBA negotiations that they were planning to de-certify the union, even though they remained at the bargaining table until almost the agreed upon deadline that they had extended yet were still unsuccessful in reaching that aforementioned agreement.

Normally, players receive 17 weekly checks that coincide with the 16 regular season games and the one bye week. With six payments coming their way beginning mid-April, I wonder how long it will take to reach an agreement with the owners and will the players have to repay the NFLPA if/when the CBA is settled?

More to follow as soon as we know.