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Haloti Ngata Signs His Tender

Baltimore Ravens All-Pro defensive tackle Haloti Ngata signed his first round tender that the team placed on him a few weeks ago. The team placed the Franchise Tag on him in order to keep him from testing the open market when and if free agency ends up starting. Both sides are hoping to work out a new deal before the 2011 season begins. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement about to expire tonight, Ngata wanted to make sure that while he would much rather have a long term deal in place, a one year contract for $12.5 million will just have to do for now. Getting that contract signed was strategically a priority for Haloti with the NFL labor dispute and expected lockout. Here's hoping that Labor dispute is settled in time for a "normal" 2011 season and Ngata is inked to stay a Baltimore Raven for a long, long time.