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NFL Player Win Judge's Support

NFL Lockout
NFL Lockout

In the ongoing NFL Labor disute, the players got an uplifting vote of confidence from a federal judge who said the owners cannot count on that $4 billion of TV revenue that they can stockpile for an expected lockout of the players (see story here). The Collective Bargaining Agreement expires at 11:59pm tonight and once the CBA is null and void, the owners plan to keep the players away from team facilities until they can forge a new agreement that benefits them.

On the players side, they do not want the lockout and are publicizing this is being done to them by the owners and the fans should side with them. Most fans feel that they are the "third" party in this issue, as we are the ones that buy the tickets, apparel and idolize the players. However, ticket revenue is just a small part of the revenue in comparison to the multi-billion dollar TV deal that the owners have negotiated with the networks.

If the owners can use that $4 billion, then they obviously have the leverage and financial stability in this fight. If they cannot use these funds to protect their interests, then they are more on a level playing field with the players, which could lead to a solution a lot faster.

As the clock ticks down, more will unfold, but for now, it looks like the 2011 season will be officially on hold at midnight tonight. See another story on this news at the National Football Post.