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Ravens-Steelers Draft Trends

Joe Fortenbaugh
of the National Football Post did a great breakdown on the draft trends of the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers over the past decade. He breaks it down by year and picks by position. Interesting that the Steelers have eight of  their past ten #1 picks still on their roster and the Ravens have seven of their past nine #1 picks still playing for them.

The success over the past ten years of both franchises can be partially based on their success at making the right selections in the NFL Draft. Fascinating notes in the story of the specific trends each team has with certain positions. For instance, Fortenbaugh notes that the Steelers have drafted great pass rushing linebackers but have virtually ignored drafting defensive ends early in the draft. Likewise, the Ravens fans might be complaining about needing a fast wide receiver to stretch the field, yet the team has only draft one wide receiver in the first two rounds once in the past decade (Mark Clayton - 2005).

If you study the draft or have any interest in the heated rivalry, yet similarities of these two teams, I recommend you check out the story by clicking on the link above.