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Ray Rice Will NOT Be On 'Madden NFL 12' Cover

And be thankful that he will not have to worry about the Madden "curse" that has plagued many a Madden cover boy. Rice lost out in voting, and to the Cleveland Browns' Peyton Hillis no less, in the round of 32 as the 16 remaining players will go head-to-head until it is whittled down to just one player left, who will be the cover for Madden NFL 12.

When ths contest was first mentoned here on The Beatdown, I implored all Ravens fans to NOT vote for Rice, and you all must have listened to me, as Ray was considered a "7th seed" and was upset by the "10th seeded" Hillis by a whopping 24% margin of victory.

Let someone else grace the cover of Madden NFL 12. I'd prefer Ray Rice to be on the cover of the 2012 Super Bowl program any day!