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Ravens Lose "Oldest Cheerleader" Title

In 2005, the Baltimore Ravens had a cheerleader, Molly Shattuck, who made the squad as a 38 year old mom, easily the oldest cheerleader in NFL history. The wife of Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck, Molly was regularly referred to as "Mama Molly" as some of the team's other cheerleaders were half her age. Although she is no longer with the team, she is proud of her time as a Ravens cheerleader and just came out with an exercise video.

However, she no longer holds the title as the NFL's oldest cheerleader. That "honor" now goes to the Cincinnati Ben-gals Laura Vikmanis. Laura made the team as a 40-year old and is still cheering at the ripe old age of 42. In fact, New Line Cinema has just bought the rights and plans to be making a movie on Vikmanis' life and determination to be a cheerleader.

The Ravens are still proud of Shattuck and despite losing her "title" at least fans in Baltimore can say they cheer for the better team on the field!

See the interview with Laura Vikmanis on Sports Radio Interviews.