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Steelers/Ravens Rivalry From A Pittsburgh Point-Of-View

You got to head on over to, to see this fascinating articlewritten by "Todd" on the huge rivalry between their Pittsburgh Steelers and our Baltimore Ravens. The guy breaks it down offense vs. defense in comparing the two franchises and you will never believe which team he favors? The Pittsburgh Steelers. No, wait, really? Get out!

Before you click on the link though, understand that twisted point of view might get the hair on the back of your neck a wee bit riled up. Yes, the author is correct that the Steelers always seem to be the better team, and perhaps Big Ben is deep inside our psyche's. However, for some reason, I took umbrage at him trying to educate us that our beautiful city of Baltimore was a drug-infested, murderous environment! Everyone here already knows that, duh!

Guess I didn't realize what a bustling metropolis the area knows as the Pits-burgh is, where three rivers converge to deposit their waste, vermin and pollution. But I will not lower myself to the level of name-calling that was written in that diatribe.

No, I'll leave that to you, Ravens fans. Check out how proud they are that they know they are the better team and let them know how much you want them to enjoy how good it feels as we both know their time will come and when it does we will be right there in their grill to remind them.

Stay classy, Todd!