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Marc Bulger Being Targeted By NFC West Teams?

According to a story on, Baltimore Ravens backup QB Marc Bulger might be a hot commodity for a couple of teams in the NFC West. Since Bulger was only signed to a one-year contract last season, he will be an unrestricted free agent once the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations are finally settled.

While the Ravens would love to have Bulger back as insurance for starter Joe Flacco, the team realizes that Marc has a much better chance of starting with another team who might be willing to pay a lot more than the Ravens would to have him return to his reserve role.

The Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers are expected to show significant interest in Bulger, according to the PFT story, citing's Michael Lombardi.

Even former Cardinals QB Kurt Warner thinks Bulger would be a great fit with Arizona.

Either way, as much as so many Ravens fans thought Bulger would be an improvement over Joe Flacco, sorry, but don't expect Marc to be wearing purple in 2011.