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No Offense, Tommy Z, But This Is the Ultimate NFL Boxing Match!

Fans of the Baltimore Ravens are getting a huge kick watching safety Tom Zbikowski kick some serious butt in the boxing ring, and will be rooting for him tonight as he takes on former MMA cagefighter Caleb "True Grit" Grummet in Atlantic City. However, as much as we like watching Tommy Z, there is one NFL boxing match-up every Ravens fan is dying to see. did a story on the ultimate NFL boxing card, which is similar to the one I did a few weeks ago on "NFL Boxing Match-ups We'd Love To See."

They start off with the Tom Zbikowski-Chad Ochocinco one that has been mentioned recently, but there is one that they mention that we really want to see more than any other that you can think of. Can you imagine the hype in both cities that an Ed Reed vs. Hines Ward fight would draw?

Both cities would go almost as crazy for a match like this as they do for every football game between these two rivals. The Baltimore Ravens/Pttsburgh Steelers NFL rivalry is now among the best, if not the best in the NFL right now. Every game is decided by less than a touchdown and are the type of battles that make the old players in the NFL proud to see at least twice a year and recently three times in the past two seasons.

With no offense to the Steelers fans that might think that Ward would win this fight, Ed Reed would not have to worry about some cheap-shot blind side punch from Ward, unless Ward decides to try to get a shot in after the bell is sounded to end a round. That is, of course, if Ward would still be standing at the end of even the first round!

The NFL might want to get that CBA settled as quick as possible, as every city I'm sure has their own idea of what ultimate boxing match-up they'd want to see with one of their hated rivals and this could end up being the next great  weekly sporting event if the lockout continues to delay the 2011 season.