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Baltimore Charm's Coach Says Lingerie Football Is Still "Real Football"

Baltimore Charm head coach Rick Reeder (courtesy of
Baltimore Charm head coach Rick Reeder (courtesy of

If you want to upset Rick Reeder, head coach of the Baltimore Charm, tell him you think Lingerie Football is all fluff and looks with little football skills. He responds very strongly when asked what the biggest misconception is about the LFL.

"The public just don't understand what the league is really about - these ladies play hard nose football and put in so much time to make this league great - once the public experiences it they get hooked - every fan that was at the games were shocked on what they saw - REAL FOOTBALL being played by women."

Coach Reeder was so impressed by the prospects of coaching in the Lingerie Football League, he moved from the Frederick Outlaws of the semi-pro men's league where he went 25-1 with two league titles, including going 13-0 with a shutout in the Championship Game his 2nd year there.

The Baltimore Charm help open tryouts last weekend and Reeder was looking for one specific thing out of the 99 hopefuls that turned out for the chance at playing on MTV2 later this summer.

"An Athlete - that's it - you can make an athlete into a football player - plus looks as well - athlete's already have the bodies for sports and are in shape - I can mold an athlete to play anywhere on the field. The tryout this past weekend was great - we had 99 ladies show up and give everything that they had - I was stoked on the talent that was on the field then realized that i was going to have a tough time picking/cutting down the tryout "

While putting a winning team out on the field is the main goal, Coach Reeder realizes the league has an image that promotes being in shape with good looking ladies running around in what amounts to bikinis as much as uniforms.

"We had to drop some ladies off because of not being in shape or looks - it sucks to judge like that but it the LFL - I asked everyone if they have watched the games and seen what type of ladies they want on the field as in looks but we have an image to hold up to in the LFL."

The Charm were overmatched at times in their inaugeral season of 201, finishing 1-3 and out of the playoffs, but Coach Reeder believes that one year of experience will make a huge difference in 2011.

"We have a good group of ladies coming back with on field experience - Ida Bernstein and Kacey White in the backfield - Morgan Spencer and Stacy Moon fighting for the QB spot - we are adding Ashley Helmstetter from Miami - Offense - we are going to have fun this year - run the ball and set-up good passing situations - Defense - with Tiana Michaels - Teresa Watson - Brittany Tegeler - Crystal Keys and a key addition Kyle Dehaven - we are going to be great on defense - Coach JJ Morrison has a great look on where we need to be fo 2011 and I can't wait to see it myself - really - I see us up with Philly this year - we were in there shoes a year ago - they went 2-2 the year before and didn't make the playoffs then the next year made it to th Championship game - that will be us this year - doing our jobs and winning ball games - the only goal we have is to be #1 thats it."

So how are the Charm going to make the leap from pretender to contender in 2011?

"Play as a team - play as ONE - play as a UNIT - become a great family - we can play with the best and we have - we are hungry - very hungry - I want the best for these ladies - they are ready to take these step to the Playoffs - its just a matter of just becoming a family on and off the field."