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Derrick Mason Couldn't Care Less About Rule Changes

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Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason was interviewed on Baltimore sportstalk radio 105.7 the Fan recently and said he doesn't want to hear anything about the new rule changes until the labor issues are worked out between the players and the owners. Mason had a lot to say about the current state of the labor negotiations, or lack thereof.

In the interview, Derrick comments on the letter that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent to the players and released to the public, which Mason said Goodell "embellished," as well as the players' response to that letter. In his opinion, the players couldn't care less about any rule changes at this point, as all they are concerned with is playing football and he reiterated that it is the owners who are stopping football, not the players.

See the transcript of the interview and the link to listen to it as well by clicking here.