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Ravens Looking To Extend Flacco's Contract

According to a story on, Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti wants to sign franchise QB Joe Flacco to a new contract extension before he hits the free agent market after the 2011 season. Of course, Bisciotti, the Ravens and any other NFL cannot do squat until the Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed, or the judge in the legal battle makes a ruling to open up free agency and keep the 2011 season on track.

Flacco has been the Ravens starter since his rookie season and has not missed a game in his three-year NFL career. He already is the franchise leader in most categories and figures to remain under center for a long time in purple if Bisciotti and the team has its way. That should sit well with Joe, as his family is from neighboring Delaware and his team has been one of the NFL's best during his tenure here in Baltimore.

Here's hoping that this labor issue is settled shortly, Flacco is signed to a contract extension and the 2011 season starts on time.