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Ravens' Zbikowski Latest In Line Of Multi-Sport Stars

While it is big news here in Baltimore about Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski boxing in addition to playing pro football, the news appears bigger due to the labor issues that prevents his NFL team from doing anything about it. However, Zbikowski is nowhere near the first and won't be the last professional athlete to dabble, much less star in more than one sport. has a photo-journey of NFL players who have played in multiple sports at the same time. Perhaps the most recognizable in recent times have been Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, who both played in the NFL and MLB. Many local Baltimore fans will remember Milford Mill High School's Brian Jordan, who played football for the Atlanta Falcons and baseball for four major league teams.

Way back in the 1960's and early '70's, the Dallas Cowboys convinced Olympic Gold Medal sprint champion Bob Hayes, dubbed the "fastest man in the world" to join the NFL. Now, even the Cincinnati Bengals' Chad Ochocinco is getting into the act by planning to play for Major League Soccer's Kansas City franchise.

Check out the long list of dual-sport athletes that goes back a lot further in time than you may have thought.