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NFL Players Finding Out What A Budget Is

For the most part, NFL players have been able to enjoy the life of easy living, as their salaries and benefits enable them to not think too hard abut their personal finances as most people have to. Of course, even the lower paid players are not making "retirement" money, but add in their benefits and their net income is even higher. Those players might not be able to just order a new Bentley every year, but they still can live in nice places, wear fashionable clothes and eat in the better places.

Now, a majority of players might be forced to take a long look at their finances and budget for the possibility that they might need to figure out how to live without a definite income for longer than they would have expected only a few months ago. The lack of a Collective Bargaining Agreement leaves the players in limbo and until a new CBA is reached, there will be a lot of unsigned guys and free agents waiting to learn about the fate of their financial future.

What things will players do during this time of uncertainty? Will they cut spending or, gasp...get second jobs? Perhaps their lives might not make such a drastic change, but they definitely will have to take a moment and think about those luxury purchases that they might not have given a second thought to in the recent past.

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