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Rex Ryan Thinks He's Babe Ruth?

"They talk about walk softly and carry a big stick. I love that. I agree with that 100%," Ryan said. "But I guess I feel more like Babe Ruth. I'm going to walk softly, I'm going to carry that big stick and then I'm going to point and then I'm going to hit it over the fence."

Rex Ryan said the above quote in an interview with the New York Times, according to a story in the National Football Post. He thinks the comparison is similar because he means to have his team back up his strong words when they hit the field for the 2011 season and win the Super Bowl, as Ryan has been saying. It didn't work the first two years, although the New York Jets were in the playoffs both of his first two seasons and one of the better teams in the league.

However, once you lose and aren't the defending Super Bowl Champs, perhaps you should have a bit more humbleness in your boasting. At the same time, Ryan's players respect how he has so much confidence in them and even his former players on the Ravens speak fondly on how much they loved playing for him.

As far as the Babe Ruth comparisons? Perhaps only in his side-view profile....