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Inside The Ravens Draft Room

The National Football Post did an interesting story on the Baltimore Ravens draft strategy going into next month's NFL Draft. There is accompanying video from both the NFP and John Eisenberg of CSN Baltimore.

They give much respect to head coach John Harbaugh for what he's accomplished his first three years as head coach in the NFL but think while the Ravens are on the brink of getting to the Super Bowl, time is of the essence with the age of some of their star players, namely Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

One of the interesting notes from the story was that 2010 was the eight consecutive season that the defense finished in the Top 10 of the NFL, and that doesn't even include the 2000 defense that carried the Ravens to victory in Super Bowl 35.

However, that is also where they voice concern that the team is aging on the defensive side of the ball in these two key positions and how important it is to get the job done in 2011 while those two future Hall of Famers are still able to contribute to that goal.