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Was Former Ravens' QB Kyle Boller A Bust?

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The question of the day is whether or not former Baltimore Ravens QB Kyle Boller a bust for the team that traded up to draft him in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft? With the definition of the word "bust" under debate, was Boller's time here in Baltimore so bad that he might be considered the biggest waste of a draft pick in the team's 15 years of existence?

Boller is still a reserve QB for the Oakland Raiders and 2011 will be his 8th NFL season. While quarterbacks such as Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell certainly fit under the "bust" label, can eight years and counting still be considered a waste just because the production never lived up to expectations? While one sportswriter thinks Boller was the biggest flop of any Ravens draft pick in team history, another one defends him based on his ability to stick with an NFL team, regardess of what team and in what backup role he continues to play.

Check out the story in the Baltimore Sunwhere they talk about PressBox Online's Joe Platania's defense of Boller against the naysayers.