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SB Nation's Conference Call With NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith

As mentioned on Friday afternoon, a group of NFL bloggers from SB Nation, including Baltimore Beatdown, got a chance to have a conference call with the NFL Player's Association's Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith. This came on the heels of the same group having a Q&A with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and General Counsel Jeff Pash on Thursday afternoon.

I wrote about how different the two calls were and my issue with Smith's attempt to "educate" us, rather than just answer questions. However, the best detailed summary of the cal comes from the blogger for the Denver Broncos, John Bena of Mile High Report. Check out his story with the breakdown of what Smith was trying to tell us versus what the reality of the issue came down to.

At the same time, either way you look at it, the two sides could not be further apart at polar opposites of the issues, which does not bode well for us fans. At least not right now...