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NFL Network Discusses the "State of the Ravens"

On the NFL Network, the 'Total Access' crew discussed the 'State of the Ravens" yesterday and you can watch the video on The discussion started off with the question is Joe Flacco ready to lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Analyst Jon Janson said Flacco is ready but not able to right now for a couple of reasons. He stated that the team needs to find a left tackle so they could move Michael Oher back to the right side. That comment is sure to start this debate once again, despite the fact that Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has repeatedly said that her is the team's left tackle.

Jaanson went on to say that the team also needed a wide receiver to stretch the field and open up things for WR Anquan Boldin, who is great after the catch but needs that deep threat to enable Flacco to get Boldin the ball more often. He added that Ray Rice needs to get the ball in space and use his speed and moves to make the big plays that he was not able to do with the same regularity in 2010.

Warren Sapp chimed in that Flacco needed to step up this year, as the age of the defense is getting to be a concern and he cannot do it without a solid defense, led by Ray Lewis.

Check out the video and listen to what the NFL Network guys have to say about the "State of the Ravens."