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Detroit Lions Looking Closely At Terrapins' Smith

The Detroit Lions are taking a very close look at University of Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith. Detroit has the 13th pick in the 2011NFL Draft, to be held in New York City, startng on April 28th. The Lions are looking for a young wide receiver to pair with franchise QB Matthew Stafford. They already have Calvin Johnson, but want a deep threat to grow with Stafford, if of course, Matthew can stay healthy enough to play an entire season without injury.

According to a story in the National Football Post, a big, fast wideout who can take some of the attention off of 'Mega-Tron' (Johnson) will only make the Lions offense more explosive and the presence of Stafford makes them a completely different team withhim in there as opposed to on the sidelines with backup QB Shaun Hill on the field in his place.

The Lions have a poor history drafting wide receivers early in the first round, with Johnson perhaps their only diamond in that group. Either way, as solid as the passing game would be with a healthy Stafford and both Johnson and Smith at wide receiver, Torrey is far from the answer that would propel the Lions into the playoff contending picture.