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Meet Your Baltimore Beatdown Writers

Hey Baltimore Beatdown community:

I am proud to have the chance to lead this community and help it become an active, passionate group of fans.

As you may have noticed on the masthead at the bottom of the page that we have three guys that do the writing with me to make this page what you guys want it to be. One thing I would like to encourage you all as fans is to be active. Be a part of this community. If you run across anything interesting, share a FanShot. If you have an opinion, write up a FanPost. The SB Nation connection we have I think is the best form of fan page you can have. The ability to post on your own and possibly have it featured or promoted to the Front Page can give significant visibility to voice your thoughts and opinions which can generate debate and discussion.

Since I have been blogging on SB Nation for almost four years, I know how important it is to share what you all have to say. I will do my best to read, review, comment and if possible, promote the FanPosts you write. You all are what makes this blog great. Just remember that. 

Thanks to the guys who also occasionally write on the Front Page: Mr MaLoR, Baltimore Warrior and BAL_Hawk. We are always looking for new "talent" to add to the site, so start putting up those FanPosts to audition for Front Page access and thanks for all the great comments and traffic you share on Baltimore Beatdown.