Maryland Pro Day 2011

Got a chance to attend the NFL Combine-type drills portion of Maryland's Pro Day today, but wasn't able to get to the positional drills in time to see the players do individual workouts due to class obligations. Here are a few notes from the pro day held in the famous Cole Field House.

  • About 15 team scouts were in attendance. Some of the teams I can recall that were there were Cincinnati, Green Bay, New England, Chicago, Houston, New York Giants, Baltimore, Atlanta and a few others.
  • Only about 12 or so players were doing drills today, as compared to last year where it seemed there were about 30 players trying out.
  • Draft prospects LB Alex Wujciak and LB Adrian Moten both looked good in drills. It was told to me by a scout that both ran in the 4.6 range in the 40 yard dash, which is very good for LB. Both should be chosen anywhere from the 4th to 7th round.
  • Star prospect and possible first round pick WR Torrey Smith did not participate in any of the drills as he already did them at the Combine. But I heard he did real well once the players got on the field. RB Darell Scott did the same. Sorry I could not get to the field to catch the drills.

Here are a few videos and pictures from the part of the pro day I was able to attend.

Maryland Pro Day 2011 Vertical Leap and Broad Jumps (via malor61)

Maryland Pro Day 2011 40 Yard Dashes Including LB Adrian Moten (via malor61)

Maryland Pro Day 2011 40 Yard Dashes Including LB Alex Wujciak and TE Will Yeatman (via malor61)


Players doing some vertical leap drills.


Scouts awaiting to record the time in the 40 yard dash.


WR Torrey Smith (in red) talking with some people.


Sorry I couldn't get more coverage, but had other obligations. Was still a cool experience.

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