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Maryland Terrapins 'Pro Day' Today

The University of Maryland is holding their 'Pro Day' for NFL scouts, coaches and front office personnel today (Wednesday, March 16). The big crowd will be circled around, watching wide receiver Torrey Smith, who is projected to go anywhere from round one to early round two. Many Mock Drafts have Smith being selected by the Baltimore Ravens with their 26th pick of the first round. Smith has the size, speed and skills to stretch the field, a term that many Ravens fans have used when discussing perhaps the biggest void in their passing game.

However, others see Smith as a one-dimensional player, who moves and abilities need significant improvement to be an all-around wideout in the NFL. At the same time, when comparing bigger wide receivers in the draft, one NFL Network analyst like Maryland's Smith over the taller but similar Pittsburgh Panther WR Jon Baldwin.

Smith had a great combine with a very fast 40-yard dash and vertical jump, may not take part in all the drills, according to a story on