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Two more Mock Drafts to take a look at, both on The first one an updated version of Pat Kirwan's earlier one, with the Baltimore Ravens pick not changing. Kirwan has us taking University of Maryland wide receiver, Torrey Smith, as he sees the downfield threat that Smith offers a good fit for a team that hasn't had a true one in years. I still see Smith as a second round pick at best, and certainly not nearly the biggest need on the Ravens' draft board in my opinion. Kirwan also has LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson going first overall to the Carolina Panthers and Auburn QB Cam Newton to the Ravens' AFC North rival Cincinnati Bengals with the 4th overall pick. Kirwan did a two-round draft and has the Ravens taking Louisville CB Johnny Patrick in round 2.'s Steve Wyche has his recent Mock Draft up as well, an to me it's a real head-scratcher. He has The Ravens taking Colorado CB Jimmy Smith at #26 overall, but while I don't agree with it, it's not what makes me scratch my head. I'd rather have Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod in that spot as he went after our selection of Smith. However, the big news in Wyche's Mock Draft is that the #1 overall pick was Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert and even more surprising was that eleven teams passed on Cam Newton until the Minnesota Vikings grabbed him with the 12th overall pick.

Once again, the national guys seem to think we are desperate for wideouts or corners. While I think we could use a bigger, physical CB, our core of defensive backs is pretty decent and certainly wasn't our weak point in 2010. Protecting QB Joe Flacco and getting to the opposition QB should be our prime goals. With the uncertainty of Jared Gaither on the offensive line and Sergio Kindle on the defensive side of the ball, the draft and free agency should be our first positions to address. As we've said and heard over and over, games are won and lost in the trenches and we've seen it firsthand in Baltimore, especially this past season.