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Updated SB Nation Mock Draft

Another week, another Mock Draft. This time, SB Nation updates its previous Mock Draft and regardless of the lockout due to the failed CBA negotiations, the NFL Draft will go on as planned, beginning April 28th. However, for what is probably the first time, free agency will take a back seat to the draft. In prior years, free agency allows the team to pick through the veteran players to sign the ones that will fill certain holes on the team and then they use the draft to fill in the rest based on their needs and best players available. Now it will be the opposite, with free agency coming at some point once the draft is over. How that will affect free agency remains to be seen.

In the meantime, click here to see SB Nation's most recent Mock Draft, courtesy of Brian Galliford (Buffalo Rumblings). Brian has the Carolina Panthers taking Auburn QB Cam Newton with the first overall pick and the Baltimore Ravens selecting Temple DT Muhammad Wilkerson. Wilkerson is a solid defensive tackle and perhaps worthy of a first round selection. However, with All-Pro Haloti Ngata and second year Terrence Cody, along with veterans Kelly Gregg,and Cory Redding at DT, claiming this is the best player available wouldn't hold water with me based on so many other more critical needs.

What do you think?