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Jameel McClain's Fine for Hit on Steelers' Miller Reduced

According to a story by Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, the hard hit that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain put on the Pittsburgh Steelers' Heath Miller in week 13 of the 2010 regular season has been reduced from $40,000 down to $20,000. The original fine was more than 10% of McClain's salary, a hefty percentage for a first-time offender. Even with the reduction, it is a huge chunk of the third-year player's $470,000 salary.

Once again, the league continues to fine players for hits that basically defy the laws of physics. The players know what they are risking when they step out onto the gridiron. The game is way too fast to curb the violence that unfortunately can result in serious injuries and while no one wants to see any player get hurt, it is incumbent upon the league to protect the players with better equipment rather than fine the players for doing what they were always taught to do.

Check out the YouTube video above for the replay and the classic anti-Ravens commentary by Baltimore-hater Cris Collinsworth.