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Baltimore Beatdown Bracket Challenge

Ray Rice (#27) Jersey
Ray Rice (#27) Jersey

Regardless of the NFL labor issues, it's still March Madness and Baltimore Beatdown is joining all of SB Nation in providing you with a printable NCAA Bracket. It lists all the games as well as the SB Nation sites that blog on those teams in the tournament. Along with this, The Beatdown is throwing down the gauntlet in challenging our readers to enter our own little contest to pick the most correct games and win a Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice jersey.

Download an SB Nation bracket here, fill it out and then emai it to us at: Include your picks for all the games starting Thursday. It doesn't matter who wins Tuesday & Wednesday's games as they will lose when the 'real' Tournament begins Thursday. Under your Championship Game pick, give me the game point-total as a tie-breaker. In the event of a tie, the closest to the total wins.

Email it to me by noon Thursday at the latest and include your member name as well as your real name and email address. Real names will be kept in strict confidence. Winner gets the Ray Rice Jersey. Best of all, contest is FREE to enter! So, get to it and as my good pal Charlie Sheen says,....