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NFL Commissioner, League Office Taking Pay Cuts

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking a huge pay cut due to the recent decision to lock out the players and possibly delay the start of the 2011 season. Also slashing his pay is league general counsel, Jeff Pash. Both Goodell's and Pash's new salary will be $1 a year. It is reported that Goodell normally makes $10 million a year, including bonuses and Pash earns $5 million a year, with bonuses.

This is a huge dropoff in income for both of them but am I the only one who is amazed to hear that Goodell and Pash were earning $10 million and $5 million, respectively?

Other employees of the NFL, including NFL Network and, will have their salaries reduced anywhere from 5-25%.

I wonder what salary reductions will occur in the NFL Players Union, starting with Executive Director DeMaurice Smith? After all, isn't this just a "competition" between the two sides to garner more sympathy from us fans?

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