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AFC North Player Movement

With the 2011 NFL season currently on hold and the breakdown in negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in a state of limbo, there won't be much going on as far as player movement until at least the NFL Draft, scheduled to begin on April 28th. If the owners and players end up sitting down and working out a deal before then, things could change real fast. However, right now, expect the Draft to be the next big thing and if and when the CBA gets worked out, and mind you, it will get worked out in time for a full 2011 season on schedule.

Once the new CBA is in place, free agency will begin and there will be a fast feeding frenzy on the top players as teams will seek to fill the holes they have after seeing who they drafted ahead of this, which usually happens in the opposite order. That is why there wa sdecent amount of player movement before the expiration of the CBA, so teams could lock up players by having them sign their tenders and by signing a few other players not currently attached to teams.

PressBox Online put out an informative list of the player movement in the AFC North, where the Baltimore Ravens reside and their division opponents made some moves just before the CBA deadline. Check out Joe Platania's story as well as all the interesting content on their site.