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NFL Boxing Match-Ups We'd Love To See!

With Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski stepping into the boxing ring tonight for his second professional fight, and the challenge issued to big-talker Chad Ochocinco, who said he could beat Zbi, it makes you wonder what other NFL boxing match-ups would stoke your interest.

With the 2011 NFL season on hold and the teams having no say whether or not a player want to try anything that would normally not have permission from their team for, now is the time for the players to strike out on their own and see what else they can do to keep those physical and competitive juices flowing.

Zbikowski said he felt some of the best boxers were playing in the NFL and because of their size, strength and athletic talent, he believe many of them could make a career out of boxing. In fact, he recently said that once the Ravens earn him a Super Bowl ring, he'll turn to boxing full-time afterwards.

So, who would you like to see step into the ring and why?

1.  Terrell Suggs vs. Ben Roethlisberger: I know there are a bunch of Ravens you might want to pick to go up against Big Ben, but I picked Sizzle because they are pretty close in weight and have spent a decent amount of time face-to-face recently.

2.  Michael Oher vs. James Harrison: Ditto on the same comment about going face-to-face a lot. Oher is a lot bigger but Harrison should be a lot faster.

3.  Anquan Boldin vs. Troy Polamalu: Troy is probably pretty nasty but Q is one tough guy and real solid.

4.  Haloti Ngata vs. Albert Haynesworth: Let's see which DT deserves the most money in the league.

5. Terrell Owens vs. Donovan McNabb: Put your money where your mouth is!

6.  Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning: No real reason, other than wanting to see what it looks like when one of them actually gets hit!

7.  Phil Rivers vs. Eli Manning: Both these guys seem to whine a lot, so let's see them cry when they get hit.

8.  Michael Vick vs. ???

Your thoughts?