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NFL Network's Mayock Compares Cam Newton To Ravens' Flacco

On the NFL Network Tuesday, the crew were discussing Auburn's Pro Day workout and specifically Cam Newton's performance in front of NFL coaches, scouts and front office personnel. Draft analyst Mike Mayock was on the scene at Auburn reporting on how well Newton looked and how he will transition into the NFL. He made a "parallel" to Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, saying Flacco came out of a spread offense at Delaware, as a big guy, with slow footwork and a slow release as a "long" kid, and has improved and succeeded in the NFL.

In the studio, analyst Charles Davis concurredwith the comparison and said he was "encouraged" if Cam Newton has anywhere near the great work ethic that Flacco has, he will be a very solid pro.

I'm not too sure how the 'tale-of-the-tape' looks in the other drills that Newton participated in, both at the NFL Combine as well as his Pro Day, but know that Flacco's rocket arm greatly impressed scouts in his draft year, prompting the Ravens to trade up to grab him to be their franchise QB of the future.

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