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Ravens' Harbaugh On Conference Call With Fans

Wednesday evening, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh participated in a conference call with the team's fans. Along with Senior VP of Community Relations, Kevin Byrne, who served as moderator, Harbaugh took questions from fans for around an hour. The conference call was set up by the team for holders of Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) and according to Byrne, over 5,500 people accepted the invitation, although only a handful were able to ask their questions.

Since I am also a PSL holder, I had a duel purpose of being on the line, not just as a fan, but to cover it from a media perspective. Questions ranged from what the team would be doing in the draft (Harbaugh wouldn't say) to what free agents would the team be interested in (Harbaugh couldn't say) to the labor issues between the owners and players (Harbaugh wasn't allowed to say).

More than a few fans questioned the lackluster offense in 2010 and what could be done to improve it. Coach acknowledge the less than satisfactory results but said the players who could step up and improve it were already on the team. Fans questioned the past, current and future makeup of the offensive line and Harbaugh responded by saying that Michael Oher would be the left tackle and they would explore what could happen on the right side.

On the topic of how would Ray Lewis be returning, he gave an immediate "yes" and address the situation of Ed Reed's status as well as how they plan to keep DT Haloti Ngata in purple for a long time. Harbaugh barely address the Tom Zbikowski issue with a 'tongue-in-cheek' comment, although I had planned to ask him his opinion on Zbi fighting this weekend in Las Vegas, his challenge to Ocho Cinco and who he'd like to see Haloti Ngata fight if he had to pick one opposing player.

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