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Ways to Help Forget the Pending NFL Lockout

Already have the Super Bowl blues? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. It hasn’t even been two days since the last NFL game of the 2010 – 2011 season, and fans around the league are already counting down the days until summer mini-camps. However, if continued talks between the NFL owners and players association don’t start picking up momentum, Super Bowl XLV may be the last professional game we see for a quite some time.
To help take fan’s minds off the looming NFL lockout,, the first site to combine a social community with an online store to help consumers quickly and easily discover, discuss and download the best digital content for all devices, has put together a list of the top apps to help even the most die-hard fan brave the next few moths without football. Check out the following apps (after the 'Jump'):

Madden NFL 11 ($6.99 for the BlackBerry) - Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean you still can’t have some offseason fun. Pick your team and line up as your favorite NFL players. Deliver your A-game in Exhibition Mode or smash helmets in Season Mode. Die-hard fans can hurdle, spin, or stiff-arm their way across the gridiron to score the winning touchdown in Madden NFL 11. 
Hockey Hub ($.99 for the iPhone) – If you love the excitement and violence of football, then Hockey is your next best bet. This app works with the online hockey community that allows any user to sign up and showcase there favorite hockey moments and talents. Hockey Hub is powered by the passionate hockey fans who love to watch the fastest and most intense game in the world.
iquarter ($1.99 for the iPhone) - Corner pubs and frat houses rejoice – the game of quarters has come to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! From the makers of Golden Tee® Golf, Incredible Technologies iQuarters shines a new light of challenge and skill on the tavern table game we’ve all grown to love. So step away from that beer soaked table, my friends – quarters has gone 2.0 
Local BBQ Events ($2.99 for the Android) – Still missing tailgating and your favorite beer and burger combo? This application allows you to view all of the BBQ events going on within the radius you set. You can also limit the BBQ events to those with words of interest to you - ribs, pork, beef, spicy, Dickeys, sweet, you name it.