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Ravens' Michael Oher on ABC's 'Good Morning America'

The Baltimore Ravens left tackle, Michael Oher, just appeared on Tuesday morning's 'Good Morning America,' pimping his new book, 'I Beat the Odds.' Oher was featured in the Oscar-winning movie, 'The Blind Side,' starring Sandra Bullock. The purpose of the new bok was to set the record straight about his upbringing and send the message to the younger generation that you do not need a rich (white) family to adopt you in order to succeed.

Oher was never a big fan of the movie, as he felt it portrayed him as a dummy who had no idea what football, much less life was all about. In fact, he said, he not only understood football long before he got on the high school field, he had already decided he was going to make something out of his life long before he met his adoptive family, the Tuohy's.

He feels blessed, as he knows his chance of being in the NFL probably never would have happened without that part of his life but just wants to bring the message to disadvantaged youth out there that they should never give up and take it upon themselves to be responsible for their own success rather than waiting for a rich family to adopt them or hit the lottery.

Check out the excerpt from his book and the ABC News interview with it here.