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THIS is how to sing the National Anthem!

Christina Aguilera should have listened to this version of the National Anthem, sung by Whitney Houston before the 1991 Super Bowl. This is how everyone should sing this song, instead of trying to make it into their own special moment and end up flubbing the words. It is a hard enough song to sing on its own, but when you try to show off by changing the tone, and sometimes the words themselves, you get the trainwreck that we saw the Sunday evening.

Christine Aguilera has a great voice and could have done ths song a lot better if she just tried to come anywhere close to the rendition that Whitney did, which came on the heels of the beginning of the first Gulf War, and had the entire country tearing up at her effort and the emotions it brought out, not only at the game, but around the world.  Try not getting misty at this, as any red-blooded American should swell with pride each time they hear this version.