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SB Nation All Over the Super Bowl

SB Nation is out in force covering Super Bowl XLV in freezing North Dallas, Texas this week. Joel Thorman, who also covers the Kansas City Chiefs over at Arrowhead Pride for SB Nation, is there with full media credentials covering the game from an objective point of view. However, the two team's bloggers from SB Nation, Michael Bean from Behind the Steel Curtain (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Brandon from Acme Packing Company (Green Bay Packers) are also there courtesy of SB Nation covering their teams from a first-person point of view.

Lucky for those two guys, as had the Ravens made the trip to the Big Game, Id be there right now reporting on all the goings-on. Media Day was earlier this week, as the guys have been there since Tuesday and will cover the game through the final whistle and subsequent celebrations late Sunday night.

By making the Super Bowl, both sites have benefited from a huge increase in traffic to their respective sites, with Behind the Steel Curtain getting over 350,000 visits in January and Acme Packing Company drawing over 330,000 visitors to theirs. Great job by both guys and the supporting writers on their two sites! On the other hand, Arrowhead Pride continues to blow away the competition, getting just under a million visits and around 2 million page views for each of the past two months!

Check out their coverage by clicking on the various links above to read what is happening from "our" point of view, with multiple reports each day from the lucky Steelers' and Packers' bloggers, as well as from SB Nation's "official" reporter.