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Sample 'Wonderlic' Test

One of the more interesting tests the players at the NFL Scouting Combine have to take is not even on the gridiron. It's in the classroom and it's the intimidating 'Wonderlic' Test, which supposedly goes a long way towards measuring a player's "Football IQ." The history of the test includes some very interesting scores, both at the high and low end. A few years ago, former University of Texas and Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young reportedly scored a '6' on the test. At the same time, Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a '50' and Washington Redskins QB Donovan McNabb got a '14' on his test.

Does this really matter in terms of translating into a good, or bad NFL player? That still remains to be seen with scores all over the place for both good and not-so-good players in the league. Regardless, it's still an interesting topic for conversation around the NFL Combine.

For a 20-question sample test of the Wonderlic that you can take and check your score, click here.

PS - I got 16 correct for an adjusted score of 40. Could I have been an NFL QB?