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Cam Newton Wows in Broad Jump

Auburn QB Cam Newton has as many skeptics as he does supporters in his quest to be an NFL QB. His stock has risen over the past few weeks in scouts' eyes and now there is even talk about him being the #1 overall selection in April's NFL Draft. This morning, Newton did nothing to change that debate and even solidified the thought that he might be the best athlete in the entire draft.

Newton's performance in the broad jump was so much better than anyone else in this draft, and blows away a couple of other past QB's results over the years. Newton broad jumped 10' 6", at least eight inches further than any other 2011 NFL Combine QB and a full foot better than either Florida's Tim Tebow in 2010 and Texas' Vince Young a few years earlier.

Now there are mumbles that the Carolina Panthers might be considering taking Newton with that #1 over pick, although they had been thought to be taking his Auburn teammate, DT Nick Fairley with that pick. Even if Cam is not the top pick, he surely won't last too much longer even with a few other QB's in the draft with supposedly better "technique" than Newton.

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