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Mock Draft on Steelers' Blog: Rounds 3-7

As noted in the earlier post this morning, Behind the Steel Curtain, SB Nation's Pittsburgh Steelers blog, has just finished up a seven round Mock Draft. Rounds one and two were in the earlier post and here are the results from rounds three through seven. The Baltimore Ravens do not have a pick in the fifth round, trading it for cornerback Josh Wilson to the Seattle Seahawks. The do, however, have two picks in the seventh round to go along with their third and fourth round picks.

They give some brief commentary behind the picks, and Maryland Terrapin fans will love one of the picks they made for our Ravens. Maryland inside linebacker Alex Wujciak was the Ravens 6th round selection, following 3rd round pick, DeMarcus Van Dyke (CB - Miami) and 4th round selection, Kelvin Sheppard (ILB - LSU) .

After the Terrapins' Wujciak, BTSC has us taking RB/FB Anthony Allen (Georgia Tech) with our first pick of round seven and CB/PR Brandon Hogan (West Virginia) with our final pick in the 7th round.

To see all the picks and accompanying commentary, as well as what other teams get what players, see click on the link above to see their entire Mock Draft, as they did a great job with some in-depth research.