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The Hangover: Birthday Edition

Those who follow Baltimore Beatdown on Facebook might have known it was my birthday yesterday and many followers were kind enough to send me 'Happy Birthday' wishes all day. Depending on how you look at it, fortunately or unfortunately, I sort of tied one on last night and am just getting in front of my computer for the first time today. My head hurts, but thankfully, my memory is intact and my reputation not any more soiled from last night than it was prior to then.

Since this is a blog on the Baltimore Ravens, I'll let you know that I did talk football last night at my local watering hole, when a guy recognized me from a prior time and we talked about the lockout, the greatness of Ed Reed, David Reed's recent "news" of his marijuana-possession case being closed, etc.

So if the news of the day comes to you in dribs and drabs, cut me some slack for just today and I will try to focus on the computer screen a bit more when I only see one of each letter on the keyboard. Peace to all and thanks again for the warm wishes!

My head hurts.