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The Odd Tale of Donte' Stallworth (Reprinted)

Found this interesting story over at SB Nation's San Diego Chargers blog, Bolts From The Blue. It's about (current/former?) Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Donte Stallworth's streak of playing for five teams in the past five years, and the likelihood that he will make it six for six as it does not appear that Stallworth will be re-signed by the Ravens and he still has the skills to play somewhere in the NFL next year.

The story details the path he has taken over those past five years and teams he has played for, ending up here in Baltimore for the 2010 season on a one year deal after not even playing in 2009 due to his suspension for the DUI/manslaughter charge. Not too many players have the skill set and perceived value to keep getting chances and staying in the league for five years, much less doing it by signing new contracts each season.

Check out the story by clicking on the link above.

(NOTE: In the photo above, that's me in the back in the purple shirt!)