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Original Packer And Steeler Cocktails From Exclusiv Vodka

Many people are gearing up for the big Packers/Steelers battle this weekend and prepping to host Superbowl parties. Below are suggestions for two delicious drink recipes from Exclusiv Vodka sure to score a touchdown with party-goers.

Getting ready to watch the Packers and Steelers battle it out Superbowl Sunday? No matter which team you’re rooting for, the perfect additions to any bowl party are brand new vodka cocktail drinks served party-style in, what else, a bowl, from Exclusiv Vodka.

Packer Bowl
750 ml Exclusiv Citrus
500 ml Melon Liqueur
1 can of Frozen Lemonade
2 Liter of Lemon Lime Soda
Honeydew melon balls
Kiwi fruit slices
Lemon slices

In a punch bowl, put frozen lemonade in and then pour all liquids in to bowl and stir. Once mixed, add ice and then garnish. Enjoy. Go Packers!

(For more on Exclusiv Vodka and to see the recipe, hopefully for failure, of the Steelers, click on the 'Jump')

Steeler Bowl
750 ml Exclusiv
375 ml Black Raspberry Liqueur
2 bottles champagne
64 oz Pineapple juice
12 oz ginger ale
Black Raspberry garnish
Pineapple garnish

Mix Exclusiv Vodka, Black Raspberry and Pineapple Juice. Stir. Add Champagne and Ginger Ale then ice and garnish. Enjoy. Go Steelers?

From the gentle rolling wheat fields of Moldova, near the shores of the Black Sea, comes an escape reminiscent of icy mountain tops and crystal clear streams. What was once only for royalty and members of high society can now also be exclusively yours. Exclusiv Vodka is gaining momentum and popularity for its high end flavor at an affordable price. Many who try it compare it to Grey Goose, but the price is under $20.

With its Russian heritage gifting the highest standards for the production of vodka, Exclusiv Vodka is truly a world-class vodka. This luxurious tasting spirit is made with only the highest quality winter wheat and the finest distilling process, giving it a sweeter, more polished taste without polishing techniques, just like the members of high society preferred over the course of history.

Described as, "Clear. Subtle, creamy mocha aromas and flavors with hints of dried cherries and spice and a long, delicate cream and powdered sugar fade. Very smooth, tasty, and appealing," it’s an expensive taste without the expensive price. Exclusiv Vodka is affordably priced at $20 or under for 1.75 liters - perfect for consumers who value quality and taste, and their wallet.

Visit Exclusiv Vodka online at their official website and on Facebook.